Webinar – Mastering Financial Management: Strategies & Tools for SMEs to Thrive

Mastering Financial Management

Join us for a comprehensive exploration into the complexities of managing finances in today’s dynamic business landscape with our upcoming two-part webinar series.   Topics we’ll be covering in Part 1: “Understand the USA Economic Environment“ “Master Budgeting and Cash Flow Management“ “Navigate Tax Compliance with Ease“ “Leverage Technology for Financial Efficiency“ Part 1 will be […]

USA Economic Outlook: End of 2023 and Forecasts for 2024

USA Economic Outlook 2024

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s time to examine the economic landscape in the United States.  The projections for 2024 suggest a slowdown in economic growth, with some potential risks on the horizon. Economic Performance in 2023 The U.S. economy has demonstrated resilience throughout 2023.  Despite numerous challenges, consumer spending has remained robust, […]

8 Signs Your Business Should Hire a Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping service for small business.

Introduction: The Importance of a Bookkeeper in a Business Every successful business venture rests on the foundation of robust financial management, an integral component of which is bookkeeping.  Bookkeepers play an indispensable role in managing and maintaining accurate financial records, providing crucial data for informed business decision-making, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.  Despite these […]

The Cost-Effective Solution:  Save Money and Boost Efficiency with a Fractional CFO

Fractional CFO Services

Introduction to Fractional CFOs A Fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is an experienced financial professional who offers his or her services to businesses on a part-time or contract basis. This flexible arrangement makes top-tier financial expertise accessible to businesses that might not have the resources to hire a full-time CFO. Fractional CFOs wear many hats […]

Why your accountant is the mentor you didn’t know you needed

A business mentor can provide guidance and support, so you make the right decisions and stay focused on the end goal as a business owner. They can also help you move forward in your career by providing advice and feedback on what steps to take to reach the pinnacle of success. But have you ever […]

The Entrepreneurs Guide to Taxes and Stay on the Right Side of the IRS

Outsourced accountants for small business

As an entrepreneur, you know how to innovate. As an expert in your field, you’re driven, curious and tenacious. You know how to get the job done. But do those same qualities persist when it comes to your business accounting? While businesses fail for all sorts of reasons, poor accounting doesn’t have to be one […]

How can AI help your business?

AI for business

It’s important to be aware of new technology that could help your efficiency in any business. We’re used to companies using cloud systems, integrated apps and online solutions to maximise efficiency and data integration. But what can artificial intelligence could add to the mix? How does artificial intelligence work in a business context? Artificial intelligence […]

Business plant and equipment: Buy or lease?

Business plant and equipment.

When your business needs new plant or equipment, what’s the best choice – buy or lease? The answer will depend on your specific circumstances, but there are some basic considerations that can help you weigh up the options. The advantages of buying Buying gives you certainty and ownership, at a higher upfront price, but a […]

Hiring employees who share your core values

Outsourced Fractional CFO Services

At the beginning of your startup journey, you and your co-founders will be in charge of selecting and hiring the key members of your new team. The people you choose will identify with your core aims for the business and will (usually) share your core values too. For example, if being green is a key […]

5 tips goal-setting tips for 2023

Whether you want to grow your business or take more time for yourself, these goal-setting tips can help you achieve your long-term plans. Think big! – What do you want from your life – and how can your business help you achieve that? Think about next year and beyond; what does your business look like in […]